5 Things You Should Not Pour Down Your Drain.

This happens in our busy lives.  We eat dinner and dump our dirty plates in the sink, without scraping them.  Or we make filter coffee in the morning and rinse out the leftover grains directly down the drain.  Or… and I have seen this happen, you use your little shovel to clear the kitty poo and drop the litter encased poo into the toilet… totally reasonable perhaps?  After all, isn’t that where poo is supposed to go? Well, the poo yes.  The litter…no.

Allowing your home’s plumbing system to come into contact with some objects and materials may inevitably contribute to a plumbing system failure. And the mistake will cost you dearly.

How to Determine If Your Drain Is Clogged

The first thing you’ll find is that water drains slower than usual, whether it’s from your sink or the bathroom basin. Unknowingly, you’ve possibly been introducing foreign objects that don’t fit down there into your plumbing. And finally, such objects have accumulated to the point that a clog develops.

What You Shouldn’t Put Down the Drain

Here are a few items that people dump down their pipes which should not be near the home plumbing.

  1. Oils, fats, and grease

All three ingredients have been mixed because they appear to be the holy trinity of kitchen plumbing problems. They serve as a binder for various items, including the soon to be described eggshells, which then form dense, sticky globs that can cover pipes to the point where nothing can move through them.

So, the safest general rule is to transfer them into a disposable container or old can to cool before throwing the whole container out. Line the container with paper towel or newspaper if the oil or grease is still very hot or runny.  Be careful about pouring boiling oil into a plastic disposable container.  It will melt the plastic and make an even bigger mess.

  • Coffee Grounds

Most people believe the coffee grounds are tiny enough not to clog the pipes, but this is not the case. In reality, most plumbers agree that coffee grounds are one of the most common causes of kitchen pipe clogs.

  • Disposable Cat Litter

Yeah, we recognize why the term “flushable” occurs in the label, but that is not an adequate definition of this product. And “flushable” cat litter has also been reported to congest drains and trigger severe issues with septic systems. Aside from that, pet litter will absorb bacteria from your cat’s faeces so the sprinkling of kitty litter on the carpet as you transfer it to the toilet, will spread the bacteria around the house.

  • Food grade stickers

These insignificant little stickers on apples, for example, might potentially trigger severe issues within your pipes. They might not seem to be problematic, but even a tiny amount of adhesive on them may allow them to adhere to the pipes’ innards. If they get past the lines, they will create issues with the systems installed to purify your water.

  • Eggshells

Tiny eggshell bits may seem innocuous on their own, but when you put them down the drain, the tiny fragments, which then get caught in grease, fat, and other sticky liquids, result in a dense mess that can quickly clog the pipes. Use paper towel to wipe all evidence of your delicious boiled egg off the plate, and throw this away.


These are some of the things that you should not put down your drain. There may be others of course, but when there are, this is what plumbers are for.

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