6 Aesthetic changes to transform your bathroom

6 Aesthetic Changes to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

The bathroom, aside from its obvious purpose, is also a place where we can destress and, because of this, should be a place of beauty and tranquility. 

How can we turn our bathroom into a special room of class and peace?

Let’s look at a few ways we can make changes in our bathroom that will not only look expensive, but not break the bank.

  1. The Bathroom Walls

Instead of leaving your plain white bathroom walls bare, you can add depth to them by adding wallpaper or paint!

Wallpaper tends to be expensive, but if you choose carefully (and sparingly), you can make any room look precious and elegant. Just keep in mind that large prints may ruin the balance and be ‘too much’, so it is best to opt for smaller ones. (We don’t want our bathroom to give us a headache.)

 Neutral colours allow for more versatility when, in a few years time, we may want to change the look. Then all you need to do is change the soft furnishings and towels. Similarly with painting your walls.  

Nowadays, tiles can be primed and painted with special paints without fear that the paint will peel, so for economy when you cannot afford to strip the walls, simply choose the colour, and prep the tiles.

  • Open to the Outdoors.

If you have a unique garden against the bathroom wall, it may be worth opening a large window in that wall.  This looks unique and luxurious and the outdoor element has Fung Shui benefits as well.  If this is not possible, bring the outdoors in with carefully chosen and well-placed plants.

  • Add Plants.

Moisture loving plants can really add panache to a bathroom. Be careful which plants you add as not all plants do well in the contrasting humidity and often low light found in a bathroom.

  • Soft, lacy asparagus fern will do well in humid bathroom.
  • Flowery begonias.  These pretty coloured plants love humid air, rather than waterlogged soil, and as they come in many colours, you will be able to find one to match or complement your colour scheme.
  • Bamboo offers clean lines but as they can grow large rather quickly, you may need to repot this often, with smaller shoots.
  • Cast Iron Plant, or Aspidistra Elatior, is perfect for those of us who manage to kill the hardiest plant.  This is a particularly ‘hard to kill’ plant.
  • Chinese evergreen.  This very attractive plant does well in low light, which is common in a bathroom.
  • Ferns.  There are many species of fern that will do well in the high humidity bathroom.
  • Gardenias.  Beautiful but a bit temperamental, these may do well in a smaller pot, with regular pruning and acid soil. The blossoms are feminine and smell divine.
  • Orchids.  Classy and fashionable, their variety offers a wide choice to combine with your colour scheme.  Be careful not to overwater.  They do enjoy light though.
  • The Bathroom Mirror

Go for frameless with unique lighting on either side, or spray paint an elaborate picture frame and replace the painting with a mirror. Cheap paintings with elaborate frames can be picked up at bazaars. Both have a more luxurious vibe than the simple mirror on the medicine cabinet.

  • The Bathroom Floor

For this one, you can either go classic or modern. If you want to go for the latter, you could opt for a black-and-white combo flooring to make it pop! Alternatively, keeping the whole bathroom neutral will allow you to jazz it up by painting one wall a jewelled colour, or adding thick, colourful towels that you can swap weekly with a different colour to prevent ‘ennui’. Accent pieces in jazzy colours may include the rug, towels, artwork, towel, toiletry hampers and even the mirror frame.

If you aim for the classic look, there is no better option than wood because wood floors never go out of style. Remember though that wood absorbs moisture and may warp, so ensure you have treated the wood carefully with a waterproof seal. Similarly, adding horizontal wood on one wall may add a dash of warmth and personalise your space. Again, ensure the wood has been waterproofed.

If you cannot afford to retile the whole bathroom, an option is to retile one wall with tiles that look like distressed wood.  Easy to clean and hardy, this may add a special element to a tired bathroom.

  • The Bathroom Window Treatments

Your bathroom window is often what people see when they enter your property, so you must keep it always looking neat. There is nothing so shabby as a windowsill with old, half used bottles on view from the drive. Try adding jazzy patterns on top of your curtains to make your bathroom look more sophisticated or opt for blinds if you prefer simplicity!

Key Takeaway

That is all for today! These six tips can serve as your guide when planning an upgrade for your bathroom. It is best to go simple yet creative with these upgrades; that way, you are bound to come up with something extraordinary within the least amount of time possible!

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